Inspire your audience.
Engage your team.
Transform your career.

Learn how to become your most powerful communicator today.



Are you seeking to connect more effectively with your audience, your staff, or in your personal life?

Discover how to become a stronger communicator through the power of authenticity.

Gallup Certified Strengths-based Coach and Master Facilitator Mary Proctor Trane will help you uncover your most powerful speaking style, re-engage your team, and become the most effective communicator you can be. Specializing in executive presentation skills, team management and leadership development, Mary creates customized workshops and one-on-one programs to coach teams and individuals to lead with their strengths to achieve results.


Vérité customizes services and workshops to your and your organization’s unique needs. 


our services include:


Uncover your most powerful public speaking style and learn the tools to influence your audience while delivering clear, concise content.

Ideal for: Executives, Team Leaders, Business Owners, Individuals or Groups Preparing Presentations or Speeches

One-on-one Executive Presentation Coaching or Group Workshops available


Become a more effective leader by tapping your team’s strengths for greater engagement and improved productivity to meet your business goals. 

Ideal for: Executives, Team Leaders, Small Business Owners

Workshops can be customized for individuals, teams or organizations


Maximize your communication skills through an intensive, one-on-one strengths coaching program completely tailored to your personal goals.

Ideal for: Professionals of all levels

One-on-one Coaching includes Executive Presentation Skills, Executive Coaching, and Personal Success Coaching


Explore the power of authenticity through Mary’s keynote addresses on communication, leadership, and finding the courage to express yourself.

Here's what people are saying.

Mary helped me stay in touch with my human side. Being a “machine” might have gotten me through many life challenges, but I now embrace the human side of leadership. Our salon numbers are up, the team has stepped up to help me, I am loving my new hires, and our teamwork is at an all-time high.
— D. Scott Ball, Owner, The Cut & Color Room, Orlando, FL
When I met Mary, I had no experience with public speaking, training or presentations. Nine years later, I am a Master Trainer at the world’s largest membership organization for professionals who develop talent in the workplace. I am where I am because of my work with Mary.
— Carrie Addington, Master Trainer, ATD (Association for Talent Development)
I have attended many workshops run by Mary with clear career and business objectives in mind. The results, however, have had positive, far-reaching effects on my life privately and my relationships with those closest to me.
— Gerri Dangerfield Keane, Director and Founder, Dangerfield & Keane, Harrogate, England, UK